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The Mission: to encourage, inspire, and provide the critically valuable resources for those who have chosen to answer the call of their fellow man. When the citizens call 911, we respond. When first responders need help, who do we call? We have the answer: His name is Jesus Christ.

Daily Roll Call: A daily letter of encouragement written for first responders by first responders. You may sign up to receive this in a daily email, a daily text message of encouragment, and  a monthly newsletter that sheds more light on how we can all be a living example of brotherhood to others.

Firefighter Testimonies-We are not alone and these testimonies will inspire, encourage, and motivate each of us to not give up hope. Through the power of their stories we can all find encouragement in knowing that we are not alone in our struggles.

Spotlight on Brotherhood: This weekly spotlight is on those who are serving first responders in amazing ways that many may not be aware of. Their information, contact information, and resources will all be listed so anyone can take advantage of these valuable resources.

Training: Many sites provide valuable training resources but this is where first responders can find training on the necessary life skills that we all so desparately need. These lesson plans will include :how to- deal with negative moral, promotional processes, life skills, The firefighter rescue plan (an adaptation of the Roman Road to Salvation), marriage resources, and more…

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