Available? The value of Divine Appointments:

Have you ever been interrupted? Have you ever thought “I just don’t have time for this right now?” Has someone called, showed up, or caused a change in your schedule because of their urgent need? As firefighters, we stop what we are doing to answer the call of “an unscheduled appointment.” Yet when our loved ones interrupt us we seem to forget that we are still servants to our fellow man: on and off duty.

Consider this:

Most of the ministry of Jesus was through interruptions. As He was on His way great crowds would follow Him, people would reach out to touch him, people would bring their children to Him, and each time He would bless, heal, and feed them.

What can we learn from this? We are often too focused on the destination and often miss the blessing of the journey. How many opportunities to help or impact someones life have we missed because we were so focused on ‘just getting there.’

Ministering like Jesus means being available to others despite our schedule. The number one enemy of ministry is busy-ness. We were created and saved to make a difference and this occurs by God’s appointments.

“Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” James 1:22

A friend of mine recently thanked me after a phone conversation where he was sharing some very painful personal trials. He said, “I called someone in the church that said they could help me and the minute I started talking I felt as if he was trying to get off the phone.”

I began to understand that at that moment God had taught me a very powerful lesson. I didn’t fix my friend’s problem nor did I have the means or abilities to provide a solution. Ministering to others requires that we be available and that we are vulnerable. Neither of these is convenient or comfortable but they require a sacrifice of our time and our heart.

Are we willing to give of our-self so that others may know of His love?

We must decide which is more important?

Our schedule or His?

A completed to-do list or a changed life?

Think about it…

When it comes to making a difference; no appointment should be necessary.

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