#Brotherhood-Never Off Duty!

Consider this scenario:

You are about to sit down for a well-earned rest after a long shift at the station. You have very little free time and have been looking forward to this moment. Then the phone rings…

It is a fellow firefighter that you have been counseling. He is in trouble, and wants to talk to you.

You hesitate at first but then you remember all of the times that someone stopped along the way to help you.

You remember that you committed to serve others, your brothers, not just when it was convenient.

He begins to tell you that he was going to kill himself but after talking to you he has changed his mind.

Think about it…

One moment, a few words of comfort, and someone you know were impacted by your acts of compassion. You have exemplified brotherhood.

Brotherhood is about bearing one another’s burdens through adversity.

We talk a lot about hanging out, going on fishing trips, and fighting fire but true brotherhood is when you are in position of desperation but you know just who to call.

Stop for a moment and ask your fellow firefighters this:

What does brotherhood mean to you?

Did you always believe in it?

Did someone or some event destroy your belief in brotherhood along the way?

Ask yourself, are my beliefs based on what others do to me or what I believe to be true in my heart?

Am I brave enough to hurt with my brothers (and sisters) through their pain and not be destroyed by it?

How can a trust that was lost be restored?

By your consistent, daily, applications of your beliefs no matter the circumstances.

Don’t stop believing because those around you have given up. Those that say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

Stay encouraged!

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