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The Rosecrance Florian Program

Want to learn more about firefighter behavioral health and what we can do about it? Here’s your opportunity: If you have been following our posts, you all know that our mission is to encourage, inspire, & provide the critically needed resources for the members of the fire service. And as a part of this mission, […]

We the Post Traumatic Souls

We the Post Traumatic Souls: In most cases, the world looks upon its public servants with high regard. There are a few that abuse the position, tarnish its reputation, and damage the public’s trust. As a whole, less than ½ of 1% of public servants abuse their place of public trust. This is percentage better […]

Minimum Standards Maximum Requirements

Minimum Standards Maximum Requirements:   As a firefighter who has served many years, many can say that they have seen numerous examples of firefighters and employees. A firefighter can be defined as one who lives out their calling consistently, gives without though of recognition, and is always working to improve their capabilities to serve their […]

Why Suffering?

Why Suffering? Have you ever suffered at the hands of another?  Have you been ridiculed, slandered, and belittled for no reason other than the individuals ability be hateful? Have you felt anger well up inside your soul?  Have you felt the need to respond in a physical or verbal way that brings resolution to your […]

Rescuing Our Own

Rescuing our own- “Why don’t those who save others call for help?” The United States is seeing increasing numbers of first responders suffering from behavioral health despite the increasing of availability of behavioral health resources. Statistical data has shown an increase in first responders suffering from these behavioral health issues such as: anxiety and depression, […]

Answering the Call

As one soldiers on in sharing the love of Christ with others in the fire service there is a consistent theme in all humanity that we encounter. It is the encounter of the wounded and broken soul who has built walls around their heart in defense of the hurt in this world. Their eyes seem […]

Depression Among First Responders

Depression Among First Responders-by Mark Lamplugh Everyone else is running away from the fire, but you’re charging right into it. Gunfire rings out in a crowded store and people scatter, but you run toward the sound of the shots. You are the bravest among us – first responders facing danger to keep others safe. But […]

Spotlight on Brotherhood: Share the Load Program

Share The Load Program: Featuring Mark Lamplugh Jr. from 360 Wellness & The National Volunteer Council’s Share The Load program As first responders, we face continual exposure to stress throughout our careers. It is well known that first responders have a higher rate of heart attacks, stress related disorders (PTSD, anxiety & depression, and other […]

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