Firefighter Testimonies

Out of the Flames-Jarret Keith Testimonial

We thank our brother Jarret Keith for courageously sharing his testimony with all of us. Read on for encouragement: There have been some recent occurrences that have changed my life and I feel the need to share it with all of you. I have recently decided to accept Jesus into my heart again. I accepted […]

Beauty out of the Ashes:

Not too long ago, I had fallen victim to the poison of bitterness and even considered leaving the fire department. I would often ask “Does my service even matter anymore?” I heard a man speak by the name of Rick Lasky on Pride and Ownership. It was as if God told him to speak directly […]

Fighting the Devil Within by Don Prince

We thank our brother for his bravery in sharing the following story. We hope that you are encouraged by his words… None of us ever wants to admit defeat. It is not in our nature. What makes it even more difficult for people like us is what we do. We are the ones going in, […]

#Firefighter Testimonies-The Power of Your Story:

Have you ever noticed that when a teacher uses a story (an experience from their life) that the material they are presenting becomes more relevant? The student or audience becomes more engaged especially when the story relates to their background, their culture, and their area of expertise. In the Bible, Jesus taught using parables. A […]

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