Company Officer Perspectives Part 1

Do you see what they see? If you do, there might be a problem..

“As the Company Officer, If you see any less than any of your firefighters sees you are in the wrong position.” Joe Starnes

The responsibility to see the big picture lies with the Company Officer. They have to be far enough back to see all the things that could harm their crew.

The company officers responsibility is to not let their crew be harmed by what they don’t see. By addressing the critical fire ground factors early, having a solid IAP, and adjust as needed.

The firefighter is the task person and the supervisor should not be distracted by performing their tasks for them. The challenge is to not let them be hurt by an unseen critical fire ground factor that we didn’t address/recognize.

As the Company Officer, we have moved into a position of leadership. This requires that we embrace the role and stay focused on our goal:

Taking care of our crews so we can take care of our citizens.

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