#Firefighters Are We Conformed or Transformed?

“Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. ” Romans 12:2

In the fire service there is a rich tradition of values that are time honored but yet a disturbing trend is emerging. The trend is one of conformity.

Many firefighters have fallen into the trap of being conformed to the world around them rather than being transformed by the time honored principles that we held dear.

This conformity is marked by a passion for self-notoriety instead of brotherhood. Many gather numerous followers and form their own morality by majority.

They begin to believe their own self righteous statements that are not based on truth. Their foundations lie on the unstable sand of the affirmation of others, money, and recognition. This is a dangerous and precarious path that often leads others astray.

The calling of the fire service is a noble one, it calls us to sacrifice for others in tremendous ways that many cannot even comprehend. It calls us to give where others would take. It calls us to lift up others rather than to exalt ourselves. It calls us to serve without thought of recognition.

The fire service is a calling and is calling its member to stand up for truth, to stand up for their brothers & sisters, and show true bravery by making their contribution without any condition or reward.

Has your heart grown weary? Has the selfish acts of certain fire service members diminished or damaged your passion?

Look again at the passage in Romans and call upon the one who can renew our minds and refresh our spirits for what is good, what is pleasing, and the perfect will of God.

Call upon Him, light a fire again in your heart and share this hope with all those around you. We can begin again by being transformed. Fall not upon the comfort of conformity but boldly raise up and be transformed.

The fire service needs you! Answer the call…

Bringing Back Brotherhood Ministries

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  1. Good article I cam relate

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