Holding the Line: Who’s your true back-up?

As Firefighters we understand the value of team work. We are taught from the very beginning that the success of our efforts is based upon how well we work together. One of the areas that this is most evident is during hose-line advancement. 

 The end result of the nozzle man’s work of extinguishment is directly correlated to how well the back-up firefighter works with them. In short, without the back-up firefighter working in unison, anticipating the next move, pulling the weight, and working out the kinks; the nozzle man’s job would be very difficult if not impossible.

 As firefighters, the value of teamwork is so instrumental to what we do that the following statistic is contradictory to everything we stand for:

 Firefighters have the highest percentage of divorce than any other profession. (Between 60-84%)

 If the success of our efforts in firefighting is based on how well we work together then shouldn’t our true success be based on the strength of those holding the line for us at home?

 The point is this: behind every successful man is the foundation of a strong, loving, and hard- working wife.  I owe my life and everything in it to the grace of God. Because of His great love, He saved me through Jesus and has given me a glimpse of true unconditional love in the person of my wife.

 Dear friends, if you are married, I write this message to you today as a reminder that while you may face great trials in your job that your spouse may be “holding the line” anticipating your next move, working in unison, and advancing the line all alone. As in firefighting, we cannot do it alone so it is in marriage. Let us continually remember the importance of who is backing us up.

 As we return home, let us show our family the appreciation and support that they deserve.


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