Firefighter May-Day

Firefighter SurvivalAs firefighters, we serve others no matter their circumstances or the dangers we may face. We offer hope to those amidst their tragic moments and bring comfort to the hurting. The question we must ask is this: Who comes the aid of firefighters & first responders when they are in crisis? Who will answer our own personal May-Day? This page is dedicated to provide resources, tools, and encouragment to answer the call of the servant heart.

The following resources are listed because of their personal involvement and ownership of the issues we all may face. These individuals have ‘bore the burdens’ of pain, anxiety, PTSD, divorce, alcohol & substance abuse, and the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. They know how we feel and they are first responders themselves!  This page is specifically made for first responders so that all who choose to serve their fellow man will be able to find the help that is so desparately needed.

As firefighters, we didn’t just promise to carry one another through the fire; we took an oath to carry one another through the fires of life as well. The following resources are listed in red by subject area: Suicide Prevention, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Counseling Services, Depression, and Marriage Support.  If you are in search of a resource that isn’t listed below, please contact us at: . God Bless,

Andy J. Starnes Bringing Back Brotherhood Founder-704-507-7156


Need Someone To Talk To? Check out these resources specifically for firefighters and first responders:

Need Peer Support? Check out our friends at Red Light Circle:

red light circle
Red Light Circle was organized with a main goal of reducing cases of firefighter suicide, depression and substance abuse. We intend to do this by providing a place for brothers to “hot wash” and vent things bothering them. We hope that they may utilize this for things that occur at work or home and hope to eventually provide several options for someone who can empathize with those problems they may be facing. If we determine someone needs professional assistance, we have options to refer them to for professional assistance. We are currently working on developing objectives and will hopefully have them set in stone to work on soon. We can be found on Facebook at Red Light Circle Community Page and on Twitter @redlightcircle.

Crisis Response CareNeed Someone to talk to? Check out K Love Crisis Response Care line Call 1-800-525-LOVE. It is a 24/7 line operated by trained pastors who specialize in counseling first responders. Crisis Response Care is a program designed for first responders, Chaplains and community volunteers to deepen their knowledge in the area of crisis response.  Our intention is to provide information from multiple sources in one place to assist them in serving their communities.  K Love Crisis Response Care also offers free training to first responders in spiritual and psychological first aid, grief following trauma, group crisis intervention, emotional and spiritual care in disasters, suicide prevention/intervention/postvention, individual crisis intervention, individual group crisis intervention, CISM application with children, and managing school crisis.

We believe one of the greatest ways to impact a community is by making its roots stronger and that is done by building relationships and providing the best resources possible.  Our hope is to build a network of trust to demonstrate that we care about where you live.  Our Crisis Response Care is about impacting communities with training and resources and helping to create a team of first responders, Chaplains and community volunteers that can assist on a deeper level during a time of need.

Pastor Mike,
K-LOVE Radio

The Share The Load Program by The National Volunteer Firefighters Counsel:  1-888-731-FIRE (3473)
This free, confidential help line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to members of the fire, EMS, and rescue services and their families. Please see their video on the Warning Signs of Firefighter Behavioral Health:

  • Suicide Prevention:

Their is growing trend in emergency services that hasn’t been talked about or dealt with until recently. Now, there are brave and courageous individuals who are out in the field showing us all how to prevent and deal with suicides in emergency services.

The Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance is one such resource. Jeff Dill offers numerous workshops on “saving those who save others.” Check out these workshops and consider these an important part of your departments training.

Jeff Dill

Captain in the fire service, licensed counselor and founder of Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance: | twitter:|

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:    1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Launched in 2005 by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the Mental Health Association of New York City, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides free and confidential 24/7 support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.

Everyone Goes Home Program:
The website for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation “Everyone Goes Home” program offers resources for officer training, peer-support, and behavioral health issues in the fire and EMS services.

Firefighter Close Calls:

Did you know that their is a Firefighter Close Calls Survival Page? It’s unlike anything out there. It lists personal testimonies of firefighters who have overcame great adversity and personal tragedies. It lists resources specifically for firefighters & first responders. And if you are struggling and feel alone; we personally recommend paying this site a visit for inspiration, encouragement, and the resources we so desperately need.


  • Substance Abuse & Alcohol Abuse:

Many firefighters suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. They suffer in silence, fearful of losing their family, their career, and their health suffers greatly. The following organizations specialize in helping first responders with drug and alcohol abuse. These are NOT ordinary doctors and counselors. The following organizations were  chosen due to their first hand experience with drug and alcohol abuse & they are or were former first responders themselves. In order to help someone, we must first understand their struggle. These individuals understand and are willing to help. Take the first step and reach out to them.

360 Wellness with Mark Lamplugh:

My name is Mark W. Lamplugh, and I’m a former Captain who struggled with addiction. It took years of pain until I found the answer to my problem.    I was raised in a 1st responder family, and we were the ones that “helped people.” It started out with drinking with the boys, then things progressed to something that I couldn’t ignore. It was affecting my job and my relationships with family and friends.

When I felt that I couldn’t handle the burden of my problem anymore, I tried to take my own life. I just didn’t know there was a way out, and I thought that taking my own life was the answer.

I was saved by some act of grace and started to rebuild my life, through the right moves and the right programs.

When I realized that there were a lot of first responders all across the country who were having the same problem I had, I knew something had to be done.  I couldn’t sit back and let my fellow brothers and sisters feel the pain that I went though…that overwhelming feeling that there is no way out.

If you landed on this page, you are searching for an answer. I searched for years to find that answer, and now I want to give it to you. 360 Wellness has access to the best treatment centers and clinicians
across the country. Let our experienced wellness specialists match you with a treatment center or clinician that meets your needs and gets you on the road to full recovery as soon as possible. We make sure to get you the best possible help available. Call our wellness hotline and speak with a
wellness specialist to help you find the best help possible: (800)901-1640

Mark W Lamplugh Jr
Chief Executive Officer
Cell: 561-762-9729

Firefighter & Paramedic Substance Abuse Program:


  • Counseling:

Firefighter, Officer, or Chaplain in need of training or counseling?
Counseling Services for Firefighters includes resources for training senior officers and clinicians for working with first responders.


  • Depression:
IMPACT is an evidence-based depression care program developed at the University of Washington, including tools, manuals, and videos on depression treatment.


  • Marriage Support:

Firefighters and first responder’s suffer divorce at a statistically much higher rate than the general public. In some states it is as much as 9 out of 12 marriages end in divorce. The following are a list of tremendously valuable marital resources for us all:

Focus on the Family:

An amazing resource for marriage, parenting, and all things related to our family life!

Marriage in trouble? Call Focus on the Family! Please call us & we will pray w/ you about your marriage – 800-232-6459, 800-A-FAMILY

We highly recommend the weekend to remember marriage conference. 100 conferences are offered every weekend across the country and focus on the family offers discounts/special rates for first responders and pastors.

As a firefighter we face unique challenges in our lives that most families do not even consider. We often cannot attend worship regularly, miss certain events, and or activities because of our schedules. This often an even more intense burden on our wives who are ‘holding the line’ for us at home. We lean hard on the shoulders of brotherhood; who do our wives lean on for the support of sisterhood? Who else understands the unique challenge and blessings of being a firefighter’s wife?

Lori Mercer, founder of firefighter wife, has created such a place for firefighter wives. Firefighter is an online community of sisterhood that offers marriage support, encouragement, resources, and even a yearly marriage conference entitled: Flame Fest. This is an amazing resource for the wives of firefighters and Lori Mercer is working hard to offer even more for the members of this community. For example, this community also offered Financial Peace University through Dave Ramsey.

Learn more at:

Firefighter Wife is a community for the wives (fiance & girlfriends) of firefighters whose mission is to:

* strengthen, ignite, and rescue firefighter marriages

* Nurture our Fire Wife community with encouragement, support, and friendship

* To build up our Fire Wives in mind, body, and spirit to be wise, strong, and enduring

* To bring an even deeper sense of community to the entire Fire Family

For Wives Who Are Struggling….

academy banner

The Fire Wife Academy is a program here at created by Fire Wives, for Fire Wives to address those issues specific to our life.  Dealing with your own worries and fears. Dealing with a spouse who is struggling.  Jealousy.  Marriage.  Family challenges.  Click here to learn more about these online training programs.

For friendship and encouragement along the way, join the Fire Wife Sisterhood.

We aren’t professional counselors but we all know what it’s like to be married to a firefighter.  It’s a sisterhood you automatically belong to when you married him and we are a community here to support you, laugh with you and keep you Fire Strong.

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