The Firefighter Rescue Plan

Part 1: The Need to be Saved.“A Firefighter’s Interpretation of the Roman Road to Salvation” Every firefighter wants to save a life. It is not any firefighter’s wish that anyone should die. Our very existence is to save lives and property. In the course of our service to our fellow man we see many people […]

In One Moment

Many of us complain through our joys rather than celebrate them… We fail to realize that our lives are but mere moments… And it’s up to us to either live with remorse or cherish them… In one moment, we stand before God at an altar… In one moment, we cannot believe that our marriage has […]

Is BroHERhood Dead?

Is Brotherhood dead? Perhaps you have heard or even said this statement before: “BrotHERhood is dead!” Really? First of all, what is brotHERhood?  Is it the unmistakable bond shared by firefighters that cannot be explained but must be lived?  Is it the sacrifices shared by the collective hearts of those who carry one another’s burdens […]

This is My Fire House

Welcome to my fire house, it is like no other…   Here we answer the call of the needy, the hurting, and bring calm to the chaos…   This is my fire house, a place of provision, security, and accountability all in one…   Here we eat together, pray together, play together, and share our […]

The Ultimate Rejection

In our lives, as we strive to make a difference we often come to a very dangerous crossroads.  We work, sacrifice, and pour our passionate efforts into the development and improvement of our world. We give of ourselves in ways we never thought possible not even realizing how much of ourselves we have given away […]

Your Window of Opportunity 

In our lives, have you ever noticed that we often self impose limitations upon ourselves thereby diminishing our God given capacity?  We find excuses based on social judgements, our age, our physical characteristics, or we discredit our own intellectual potential. This can occur for a variety of reasons. The following two reasons occur most frequently: […]

Dedication, Discipline, & Discipleship

The fire service will always be a profession of continual learning, training, and education. It is a part of the very identity of the fire service. Our citizens call for help and firefighters respond no matter what the emergency may be. This implies that firefighters must be ready for anything so their learning must be […]

When Our World Falls Apart…

Is life tearing your world apart? In the middle of our broken moments…. When we are at our lowest… Remember the power of a kind word spoken… Think of those who are also at the end of their rope… When life attacks and we feel that we are spent… What if we spoke words of […]

In a Battle? Time to Get to Higher Ground!

In the midst of the storms of this life, have we considered how well we are communicating with the One who controls the winds and the waves? In the middle of the firefight when the flames are raging, how well are we communicating with the Ultimate Incident Commander? “Have mercy on me, O God, have […]

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