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FirefighterToolbox_Site_header1 What is FireFighterToolbox and who is it for? Firefighter Toolbox is a resource and a community for those firefighters and leaders who realize that we need to continually learn and train to maximize our God-given potential and honor our calling. It’s for those who pursue excellence and practice Constant And Never Ending Improvement. It’s for those who want to share with and learn from fellow brother & sister firefighters with ideas, distinctions they learned, improved practices and learned strategies for the always evolving Skill of Firefighting. It’s for those firefighters & leaders that want to be the best they can be today and it’s for those desiring and training to be tomorrow’s leaders. It’s for those who know its important to be safe and its just as important to be ready when called upon. Website | Facebook

Helping build better marriages

Firefighter Wife Marriage Support

When someone asks me what the main mission is here at my answer is short and sweet. Less Divorce. Stronger Fire Wives. Marriage isn’t easy. Throw in the complications of the fire life and it sometimes feels impossible. Long hours at the job. A “second family”. Stressful calls. Sleepless nights. PTSD. Interrupted communications. Your schedule not matching the rest of the worlds. Missed holidays. The list goes on.

We are here to Rescue and Strengthen Fire Marriages Here are some resources to help you work through those tough spots. Having been divorced once, it is something I NEVER recommend to anyone without first fighting like mad to save your marriage.

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Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International

Fellowship of Christian Firefighters


To glorify God in the fire service by building relationships that turn the hearts and minds of first responders to Christ (Philippians 2:11), equipping them to serve Him (Ephesians 4:12).


To encourage one another to share the vision with the fire service community through Witnessing, Praying, Teaching the Word, and Walking worthy.

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Firefighter Behavior Health Alliance

We are a newly formed non profit organization set out to educate senior fire officers, firefighters, EMS and supporting personnel about behavior health and mental stressors that your type of job can have and the consequences of not recognizing them. It can take a serious toll on your work, family and social life. A large area of focus will be rising number of firefighter suicides and bringing this awareness to the forefront. Website | Facebook

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