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Predicting Ethical Performance

In the world today ethics and morality are written about, debated, and are often the cause of much controversy in many public forums. In the fire service we see that this issue is also a point of contention. We see that ethics are ambiguous, hard to define, no matter how clearly defined they are organizationally. However, despite the controversial and ambiguous nature of ethics they are inherently necessary to the life of the public servant. “Clearly, public service ethics has […]

Organizational Processes & Firefighter Ethical Performance

Organizational Processes & Firefighter Ethical Performance

Do Organizational Processes Affect Individual Firefighter Ethical Performance? Clearly, public service ethics has become a very broad and often ambiguous category that sometimes generates controversy as to what constitutes the term” (Zamor, p.1). Yet in the realm of public service, it continues to demand individuals of higher moral character and behavior while failing to produce a consistent example or mechanism of enforcement. Why is this so? One begins to wonder, with all of the emphasis on the individual how much […]

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Ethical Disasters

Ethical Disasters in the Fire Service: “Preventing the Predictable”  Ethical Disasters in the fire service are becoming a more common occurrence in our world. Or are they? The concept of breaking a code of ethics, failing to comply with a set of known standards, or breaking the law by a public official is nothing new but it is more readily scrutinized and used for inflammatory purposes by the media, the politicians, and other social agenda groups. The repeated response by […]

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The Need for Fire Service Ethics

The Need for Fire Service Ethics Anyone who follows social media and has been in the fire service can readily identify that there has been an increase in ‘bad firefighter’ behavior. News headlines vary from firefighters being disciplined for sexual exploits in the fire house, to firefighters who are serving prison time for paying other firefighters to work for them, and firefighters being disciplined for inappropriate behavior or remarks on social media.  The fire service is a respected position of […]

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