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Alcohol and The Fire Service: A Long Tradition

Drinking alcohol and being a firefighter seem to go hand and hand. When I grew up at the firehouse it was an every weekend occurrence. Even before I was a member, I would hang out there on the weekends with my dad. Every Friday night after a few hours of bingo it was time for […]

Predicting Ethical Performance

In the world today ethics and morality are written about, debated, and are often the cause of much controversy in many public forums. In the fire service we see that this issue is also a point of contention. We see that ethics are ambiguous, hard to define, no matter how clearly defined they are organizationally. […]

The Loss of Work Ethic

What is work? Is it burdensome or bothersome? Or is it the place where our passion is pursued and a part of ourselves receives fulfillment Have the days of feeling satisfaction from a job well done gone by?  Has the loss of morality and the endorsement of situational ethics caused us to lose hope in […]

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