The Be-Attitudes of Brotherhood #1

The “Be-attitudes” of #Brotherhood

By Brother Stone

The “be-attitudes” are a list of attitudes that define what brotherhood is all about. The be-attitudes are inspired by and loosely based on the biblical principles, along with a few other character traits that define the American Firefighter in the public eye.

  1. Be-attitude #1: Be honest.

‘And my honesty will testify for me in the future’ Genesis 30:33

“Honesty is the best policy” right? Yes indeed it is. When you are honest in your dealings your conscious remains clear. No need to “watch your back” or recall details of previous conversations.

Honesty is something that is not only expected from the public we serve but is a vital trait of a brother and a leader. If we strive to be honest in our dealings we will earn the confidence of our peers as well as our bosses. Honesty builds a reputation that is solid as a rock. People will always depend, go to , and confide in the one who remains faithful to the calling of honesty.



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