The Depth of His Perseverance:

“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out before us. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus” Hebrews 12:1-2

Firefighters understand the value in perseverance. The demands of the hiring process, recruit training, continuous training, promotional exams and the constant increase of areas of expertise that are added to our service level require that we persevere.

Every firefighter should understand the amount of effort that will be asked of us all one day. It is a statistical certainty that a firefighter will be pushed beyond his or her limits.

How does one prepare for such a defining moment?

Can anyone ever be truly ready?

To persevere to such a level requires a drive that is NOT solely based on one’s profession; it comes from an innate strength given from above.

It is demonstrated in one’s daily life:

To persevere in our marriage and family life..

To persevere in the face of persecution for one’s belief in God…

To persevere in one’s daily habits of personal discipline that builds the foundation on which we all will be tested on:

Our faith, Our principles, Our integrity, Our willingness to sacrifice for others without recognition.

Our love for our fellow man no matter our differences, And our belief that there is more to life than what we see before us.

We are to persevere no matter the political climate.

We are to persevere no matter how negative our environment has become.

We are to run the race knowing that the battle has already been won but our performance is a sign of our obedience to the call.

We are to do all these things as a reflection of not who we are but whose we are. We are God’s creation and He loved us so much that He have up His only Son to die for our sins.

Living in the light of that knowledge changes our outlook to one of gratitude for each and every day we wake to face.

We are to persevere because Christ didn’t give up on us. We are to run the race set before us because Christ didn’t stop His journey to the cross. He knew the path set before Him and yet He marched onward knowing what He would face.

He did all of these things out of His great love for us. How much more should we persevere to reflect His love to others?

Do not give up! He is with you! The battle has been won, the course has been charted and we know the final outcome. It is our responsibility to fulfill our calling till we cross the finish line in Heaven.IMG_3375.JPG

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