Turning the Test into a Testimony

The battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you into our hands.
—1 Samuel 17:4

In life, we can become so wounded by our trials that we begin to slowly give up. Our focus begins to become so limited that all we can see is the depth of our pain. Our heart is so heavy that we see no victory in these moments.

But wait..

“Open your eyes.God has surrounded you with people in need of His care. It’s your turn.Wait for the kingdom by participating in it.” D.Schmitt

How will our life remembered?

Will our life be remembered as one who struggled and gave up or one who struggled and helped others?

Will our life have an impact on others and whether or not we cared enough to make a difference. This is accountability on the highest level.

A difficult principle to grasp is this: Our pain can provide purpose.

Our life and its experiences have divinely prepared us to help others through trials, tribulations, and failures.

When we share our pain and open up our wounds that is when others will feel that they can share their pain with us.

There are those close to us that are in need of fellowship. Their facial expression may hide their silent cries for comfort but we know better.


Because we have suffered, we have been hurt, and we have experienced pain therefore we know what to look for.

Lets take our tribulations and show the devil that he has not won. We are not defeated! And neither are our brothers and sisters around us.

By God’s grace we will not only rise again but we will dare to share what we have been through to help others.

Open up and realize that we are in a mission field. Their are many people around us right now that are divine appointments set by God that only we were meant to help.

This is our moment will we take the next step and answer their call ?

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